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Which CCTV system is right for you personally?

Closed Circuit is powerful, straightforward and relatively easy to set up. Along with a great security apparatus, it may also serve as an excellent manner of just checking those who visit your doorway. And CCTV systems are as cheap as you might believe, beginning from as little as GBP35.

Were you aware?

CCTV systems have become more and more popular as burglars enable one to:
-- See your visitors 'before the door' opens
-- Track your property
-- Recording at Nighttime
-- Record Pain Neighbours
-- Keep a watch on your own kids

Which system is best for you personally?
Systems begin with a single camera, which could provide a black & white or colour (at nighttime) image. All Cameras from Result have a built-in PIR (Passive Infrared) movement discovery facility. PIR (motion activated) cameras may be set to automatically change the station in your TV to reveal the camera image. The PIR motion detector finds moving items that are warm as much as a 50 metre range. (Each camera changes)

Digital Video Picture Recorder
This facility could be added as an alternative and programmed, can automatically begin recording the camera image on your own VCR or DVD recorder when the PIR detector detects motion on the camera. Using a 2Gb capacity, the DVR can save up to 12 hours of footage that is recorded or up to 20000 pictures.

Home Security Systems

Multi-Camera Systems
As these systems can have up to five cameras, they're ideal for tracking the front and back of the home, for little commercial premises or bigger properties. Each of the cameras just plug into a TV 5 station Switcher Unit or /DVR unit and this lets you control which photo you see in your TV. Either way, if motion is detected by among the cameras PIRs, the photo will leap to the camera that is right. The DVR lets you record one station at a time on the camera that is chosen.

How simple can it be to install a CCTV system in your home?
Modern house surveillance cameras can be installed using the simple and brand new 'plug and play format', - perfect for the DIY installer.
For instance, a welcome light or street light that is nearby.
It's a good idea to put out of reach and the cameras high up. The cameras turn to get the most effective image and can lean.

For single camera setups
Setup is easy and quick. Each camera can be utilized be plugged right into your existing Tv or Screen or to enlarge a current Answer CCTV system.

Each camera may be mounted through your house to cover all facets including front door, drives, parked automobiles, side courses, back yard, veranda etc

The DVR (Digital Video Recorder) includes a movement trigger recording using a place and susceptibility setting when activated to automatically record the camera of your choice. It's possible for you to choose which camera you prefer the unit when activated. As the unit can manage as much as a 2Gb SD memory card (provided) SD cards are incapable of writing two files in once.

The computer screen may be attached to record the camera that was chosen. The computer screen also can be hung upside down as the display has a mirror effect to reveal the camera that is chosen.

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